So, we all made it to Agent Academy 5! We started off the 12-week programme by having a day of introductions and learning about each other using the concept of ‘flash dates’; we spent 5 minutes at first getting to know each other with quick questions and we did a short presentation on our partner. It was a nice spin on the usual introductions and provided an excellent platform for us to show off our art skills which I’m sure would inspire envy.

Once we’d gotten to know each other a little, Zoe managed to get the entire office together so we could formally introduce ourselves, and she was even kind enough to let me be the first to speak in front of a large crowd of people I’d never met before (thanks Zoe!), all ended well and we spent the rest of lunch chatting to each other.

The afternoon was spent learning about the seven P’s of marketing – Product, Place, Price, Promotion, People, Process and Physical evidence – which immediately made me realise that while I was getting the basic start of marketing education, there was a hell of a lot I didn’t understand, like any subject you’ve never learned before. However, as we’re all obviously eager young adults we set about educating ourselves by applying the 7 P’s to Apple and Innocent smoothies (Apple the brand, not the smoothie flavour).

After much discussion and presentation on our thoughts (and discovering Apple are taking over the world) we spent the rest of our afternoon learning from the heads of strategy, creative, digital and communications about what makes a marketing team work effectively and how the smaller teams within would work together for maximum efficiency. It was certainly an interesting afternoon that had me intrigued and inquisitive for the first time in months, a welcome feeling that I didn’t realised I’d missed!

Day one was over too quickly but we were soon back to learning and (surprise, surprise) meeting more new people! We started off the day touring around the Baltic Triangle, learning more about the efforts to turn the area into the primary creative area. While I’ve always known about the triangle it was great to really see it in depth, and understand the huge impact it was having on my city as a whole. It was great to learn all that we did about it and then be taken on a tour of the area so we could see the results of the effort being put into the area by the 130-140 small businesses that currently operate in Baltic Creative alone.

The main event of day two was meeting our client, Lynnie Hinnigan, she is the Mayoral Lead for Youth in Liverpool, and has given us the opportunity to take on a creative campaign. The campaign aims to transform the perception of young people in Liverpool through a youth role model campaign and accompanying resources for schools and youth groups. 

Now that the challenge has been set its game on, we have a lot of work to do and in the process will be learning a lot but we are all up for the challenge. Here’s to the next 11-weeks!

By Oliver Hewitson

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