Agent Academy – An Experience That Has Shaped My Future For The Better

Last summer, I graduated during a global pandemic – a situation that significantly added to the uncertainty that many graduates already face when finishing their time at university.

Though life in lockdown was and still is massively challenging at times, I came to the realisation that I could either allow the situation to consume me or utilise it as a time for supporting growth through being proactive.

After completing my undergraduate degree, I decided to undertake a master’s degree in branding and advertising. Though this experience was interrupted by the pandemic, it confirmed to me that the world of marketing was a path that could complement my naturally creative and innovative mindset. Upon completing my master’s, I entered the vicious cycle of seeking jobs but not having the relevant industry experience, whilst also not really understanding exactly what certain job roles entailed.

For a while now, my goal has been to gain experience in the world of creative and digital marketing and consequently, secure employment. Alongside this career goal, another goal of mine was to build the foundations of a personal dream, to create and launch a streetwear fashion brand this year.

As the dawn of 2021 approached, I promised myself to enter the year with optimism and courage to put my dreams into fruition. Here, I saw Agent Academy as a great way to not only equip myself with relevant experience and knowledge but also as a way to gain and apply valuable learnings to my brand creation plans. Furthermore, the opportunity seemed like a great way to meet new people, stay proactive whilst living life under lockdown and also contribute to a really meaningful project, as the current Agent Academy cohort have had the privilege of collaborating with the Anthony Walker Foundation (AWF).

Each week features different speakers, from industry professionals and CEOs to influential leaders and entrepreneurs! Over the past three months, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to speak to some truly inspiring individuals and it’s been incredible to gain an insight into their lives. The talks have helped me to understand what makes these people tick, grasp what a certain job role really entails and have the chance to put forward any questions or seek personal guidance. It’s not every day that you have the chance to speak to such inspiring people, so for this I’m really grateful to Agent Academy!

It’s also been really special to work alongside the Anthony Walker Foundation, an organisation that is seeking to combat the injustices that exist in our communities, whilst taking direct action to educate the people of Liverpool City Region and also empower them to take a stand for what is right. The charity supports victims and families of hate incidents and works tirelessly to contribute a positive change to our city. With this being said, two speakers who really inspired me were Dominique Walker and Natalie Denny, both from AWF. Dominique is the sister of Anthony and her journey of constantly campaigning for a positive change, inspiring people in such a beautiful and powerful way and living her personal values through her work and contributions is nothing short of truly incredible. Natalie’s work is also extremely praiseworthy and her session on uncomfortable conversations really stands out to me. The session taught us the importance of these conversations, the profound benefit that can come from them and the fact that they can take place without the risk of crossing boundaries.

During my time at Agent Academy, I have had the fortune of being able to meet some truly great people in my fellow learners. I really believe that they will all go on to shine and excel in whatever they do. Overall, the course has been nothing but empowering and beyond helpful to my future prospects. I’d also like to thank Ben Dalton for being the best possible programme facilitator imaginable. I can happily say that applying for Agent Academy was one of the best things I ever did!




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