Agent Academy, an opportunity I’m glad I never slept on.

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We are living in unpredictable times but, as Einstein famously put it, in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. My recent months spent at Agent Academy have shown me just that.

In August, a friend recommended Agent Academy to me. Drawn initially to the prospect of enhancing my skills, in the hope of eventually landing a job in the creative and digital sector, I applied without hesitation.

I very quickly realised that Agent Academy was much more than I expected. From the moment I cautiously walked through Agent Academy’s doors, it was obvious that I wasn’t alone in my pursuit of boosting my employability – I was joined by 19 other bright-eyed hopefuls, all trying to break into the digital and creative industry. Having little experience of professional networking, Agent Academy quickly propelled me in this sphere, giving me a ready-made peer network of diverse individuals who all shared my interests, passions and goals for the future. Much to my surprise, my inner introvert loved every minute.

As well as granting me the opportunity to work with my very own ‘Expendables’ team, Agent Academy has provided me with the chance to meet, interact with, and quiz so many industry leaders. Our weekly sessions with these experts allowed us to learn the ins and outs of the creative and digital industry and refine our understanding of how marketing principles play out in real-world scenarios. This was a steep learning curve and as a result, I’ve been able to quickly develop my knowledge and confidence. What I’ve learnt is that these sector businesses have far from shrunken in a sea of change and uncertainty. Instead, they have found new ways of working, connecting and delivering more than ever before.

A key selling point of the programme for me was the chance to work on a real-life client project over the course of the 12 weeks. In my case, this was the opportunity to work with the Road Haulage Association (RHA) and deliver recommendations on how to attract a more diverse workforce into the logistics industry. I loved working through the strategy, engagement and creative aspects of this project, and it developed my confidence as I now had a genuine business project to add to my portfolio, that will hopefully impress future employers.

In the context of a tricky labour market for young people like myself to navigate, this experience has been invaluable for me. My time at Agent Academy has brought untold benefits that I am sure will come to fruition in my future career.

If, like me, you were catapulted out of the university bubble and into the real world, without the faintest idea of what your next steps should be, Agent Academy can singlehandedly provide you with the tools to connect all the dots and a clear path to kickstart your career.

As far as opportunities go, I’m glad I didn’t sleep on this one.

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