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Finishing university in middle of a global pandemic, unsure of my future, is definitely not how I imagined my Fashion Design degree would end. 


After countless job applications, rejections and being told, “you don’t have the experience”, I found myself caught in a relentless cycle of trying to gain an entry level role without the years of experience that seemed to be required. I found myself lacking motivation and losing hope of gaining my first job out of university. I knew I needed to be proactive and make the most out of the situation at hand, so I started seeking out work experience with any companies I knew of. 


Fortunately, I was taken on by the sustainable fashion brand, Make Thread, and began interning as a social media assistant. After 3 months, I found myself yearning to broaden my skillset even more and secure permanent employment. Katie and Sarah, who founded Make Thread, suggested the Agent Academy programme to me and I couldn’t be more grateful that they did! This was the opportunity that would bridge the gap between being an unemployed graduate and broadening my skills. 


The phrase, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” has been circulating around the business world forever but I never appreciated what this meant until my time at Make Thread, and subsequently my experience with Agent Academy. Of course, talent holds extreme merit but broadening your network is vital. It is a competitive game and having connections that can help you find the right direction will enable you to avoid many missed opportunities.


Agent Academy has given me the opportunity to network with people I never would have met otherwise. This has opened my eyes to the fact that the domino effect is real. If I hadn’t had reached out to Make Thread for work experience, then I wouldn’t have found out about Agent Academy and would most likely still be unsure of my career path. Clearly, building your network and placing yourself in a position to be connected to new opportunities is key to advancing your career.


Ultimately, Agent Academy has exceeded all of my expectations and set the foundation for my first steps into the creative industry. I will be completing the programme with a wealth of new knowledge and confidence in the skills I have learnt. My words of encouragement, for those who are thinking of applying, is to never turn down any opportunity that presents itself; you never know who you might meet and where it might lead you.

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