Data-Mining and Me

Week four of the course has begun, and there is electricity in the air, like the moment of combustion as an engine springs to life.

With the previous week focused on experts in strategy, a new chapter has clearly begun for the Agent Academy cohort. Nothing remains of the tenuous toe-dipping of the beginning weeks; now we are faced with the true scope of our challenge and what it will take to complete.

Between thorough and focused talks with officials from Liverpool-based creative powerhouses Brighter Designs and Everyman & Playhouse, the ten of us tirelessly planned and prepared the foundations of the research phase of the project. Both speakers revealed intriguing insights into the creative industries, broadening our minds and spurring us on to the tasks’ end in equal measure.

With the planning stage nearing completion, we will soon be ready to roll out the big guns and take the project head-on.

Week five approaches, less than two thirds of the course remain and there is still much to do, but we enter it in even greater confidence than before.


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