Imagine the Impossible

“Imagine the impossible” is the motto that Uniform proudly follows. Based on Liverpool’s Bold Street, the design company have made it their mission to create change, through design and innovation. When Academy 7 visited their office, we couldn’t help but feel inspired and encouraged to think more creatively.

Michelle, Gabby and Leo provided us with a background of what Uniform does. Although, they didn’t need to give much explanation, as the work they presented to Academy 7 spoke for itself. Primark’s Christmas campaign and Liverpool FC’s 125th-anniversary animation were just some examples which proved that Uniform are a hardworking, successful and vibrant company. It was interesting to discover that it isn’t just the designers who are involved in the idea’s process, but employees from each department, as they’re all creative thinkers.

Creative thinking is essential to all businesses. It generates new ideas which then creates change, resulting in an outcome that can be surprising but rewarding. The collaboration of creative minds can be extremely beneficial for any business. In today’s world, it is unheard of for a company to succeed without any creative ideas or thinking. We’ve learned how important creative thinking is to a business, but how do businesses support this? This is something Academy 7 have seen whilst on our Agent Academy journey. It’s inspiring to see how many Liverpool based companies, like Uniform, support and implement the idea of creative thinking. They allow their employees the freedom of expression and intellectually challenge them, all whilst in a safe, supportive and relaxed working space.

Academy 7 consists of 12 young creatives and we’re currently halfway through the programme and we’re starting to think more seriously about our careers. Amongst us, we have people from all different types of backgrounds, from design, blogging, marketing and production, and our Agent Academy experience is opening up our eyes to the different opportunities that are out there. Perhaps we’ll have job titles that don’t exist right now or work with technology that hasn’t yet been invented, but it is clear to see that we’re all extremely passionate about working in the creative industries.

Once you unlock the ability to think creatively, the possibilities are endless.

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