The setting: Agent Academy HQ
The characters: 12 aspiring young individuals hoping to make it big in the creative and digital industries.
The audience: Employers of the Liverpool City Region.

*There is an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement at the Academy HQ. Twelve young people sit around a table*

Enter – Ben and Zoe…

This week launches the beginning of our 12-week Agent Academy programme, in which myself and 11 others industry hopefuls have begun the journey to seek employment within the city of Liverpool. The 11 people I’m sharing this experience with are of all ages, from all backgrounds and all have different motivations for joining the programme. However, what became immediately clear was that we all share a common goal – the ambition to establish ourselves within the creative and digital industry.

Plot twist – we’ve found it harder than anticipated to break into the creative and digital sector.

A further uniting factor is that, despite various efforts, we’ve all been faced with the seemingly impossible task of securing work within this field. There appears to be a conflict arising – completing full-time education and managing to succeed in gaining desirable employment. Although generating academically sound individuals, the education system fails to prepare its young people with appropriate skills for the world of work. Even entry-level jobs often require 1-2 years’ relevant experience and they’re fiercely competitive. A further complication for young people in the North West is that very often employment opportunities require moving to London, which for many isn’t viable.

Agent Academy sets to challenge this and change the fortune of so many young people who wish to join the industry in Liverpool. Over the 12 weeks, we’ll explore various ideas about marketing, meet leaders within the industry, network our socks off and work on a live project which we can present to future employers to prove what we can do when given the opportunity.

Agent Academy has facilitated this 12-week programme with the aim that we will be able to showcase our newly acquired skills to a listening audience, in the hope that we will attain our happily ever after – employment within the creative and digital industries of Liverpool.

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