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66%, 8/12ths, whatever way you look at it, we’re closing in on the final weeks of our Agent Academy journey. Among frantic scribbling and constant idea mapping, we have a calming aura, alleviating pressure and confusion, a calming force in the form of the challenge. We know the work we have to do, and we know what we have to do to complete it.

This past week we learnt a lot of key skills around the dynamic job of communications. On Tuesday we learnt the fundamentals of communications with Jeanette and how to write the perfect press release from the communications whizz that is Jacob. He taught us to never ramble on, and use words that people will understand and won’t become thoroughly perplexed, and entirely discombobulated. We also learnt that about how to talk to journalists, including things they love to hear, and things they dread to hear. This was an unbelievable skill to learn, because it gives us an advantage in the future.

Once Jacob was finished flexing his communicative muscles it was time for Sophie from Liverpool City Council, who is the digital content manger. She told us about writing with an average reading age of our audience in mind, and how we should use short and snappy sentences to keep the reader at full attention.

With other invaluable and informative talks from Lee at Red Ninja, Hannah from Claire House and Michelle from Story Arc, the entire Academy cohort were filled to the brim of marketing expertise and knowledge. On behalf of the entire Agent Academy we’d once again like to thank you for your time, and your words will forever live on in our work.

We’ve started to delegate spots for our strategy document and we’re immensely excited for the coming weeks. With each passing week, we get closer and closer to the final day. We’ve come a long way from introducing ourselves for the first time to being the group of work mates and friends that we are today. Watch this space, because soon we will be presenting our ground breaking strategy that we hope will delight our client at One Ark.

By Liam Lewis


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