Programme 3

Academy Cohort 3, I would like to take you back to where it all began.

On day one of Agent Academy, myself and 10 fellow team members were asked what we hoped to gain from the twelve-week programme. My answer? ‘to understand what it takes to be a part of a value led organization, like Agent Marketing.’

The past twelve weeks at Agent Academy have been a fantastic experience, exceeding all expectations. It has been incredible to work alongside such a talented team and proudly present our final piece of work to One Ark on Wednesday.

For me, the highlight of my time at the academy has been the opportunity to hear from a range of inspiring speakers, each week. You can see from our tweets here at Agent Academy that we love our quotes, so I thought I would mention a few which have stuck with me!

Paul Corcoran, Managing Director of Agent Marketing – ‘Trust your own ability, and always remember to pay it forward!’

Bernie Hollywood OBE, Philanthropist – ‘Be ruthless with time and gracious with people’’.

Hannah Shannon, Head of Communications at Claire House- ‘The reason I do what I do? Each night I come home and feel I have made a difference.’

Looking back, each speaker we have listened to over the past twelve weeks, shares a common attribute. They are all motivated and driven by the idea of ‘giving back’. I have certainly achieved what I hoped to initially gain from the programme; the understanding that this ‘giving back’ ethos is not only one of the driving forces behind Agent Marketing but also shared by many businesses, leaders and organisations across the city.

So on behalf of my fellow Agent Academy graduates I would like to give a big thank you to all of those who have ‘given back’ to us over the past twelve weeks!

Our final days at Agent saw myself and fellow graduates add a new career goal to our lists. We hope that in future years we can come back to Agent Academy and share our own career experiences, knowledge and insight with a future generation of business leaders who are just starting out. We can’t wait to get there and ‘give back’ with gratitude for the many who helped us on our way!

We might be at the end of our Academy journey but for all of us, this is just the beginning.

by Georgina Potts

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