This week’s marketing merrymaking has been a fantastic look into the world of creative, particularly designing briefs and brand identity.

As we gently knuckle past the 58.3333% mark, it is worth taking stock of just how much is crammed into typical sixteen hours of studying at the academy. This week we met and had tutorials from several members of Knowsley Youth Mutual’s executive team, Edge Hill’s marketing department and from our mentors in Agent Marketing; this adds up to at least six workshops and talks in three places. And this doesn’t include the one-to-one sessions and all the development time we had towards working on our One Ark challenge.

Tuesday deepened our knowledge for the brief considerably by meeting a plethora of people working for Knowsley Youth Mutual. Their contextual knowledge of what works when targeting those most disenfranchised in society will be useful in developing our marketing plan. Ben from Agent Marketing’s creative team gave us a hand with proceedings, teaching us the fundamentals of the branding process and how to make a brand engaging.

On Wednesday we gained more widely applicable knowledge on branding; from the importance of style guides to crafting the perfect brief. We were transported from our lovely HQ in the Baltic Triangle to the dizzying heights of Ormskirk to meet Sam Armstrong and Andy Butler from the Edge Hill Universities marketing team; benchmarks in academic marketing. The workshops gave us a lot to takeaway, particularly some bubble bottles, prospectus’ and these amazing posters (see below) on the seven rules of design!

It has been a frantic week and we have gained a lot of knowledge. While we are learning and developing our skills through all the networking and expert tutorials; the team at Agent Academy are steadily shaping us into the marketing experts of tomorrow.

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