Life’s for Living

Week 4 had Academy 7 looking at life choices and personal development.

There are two things certain in life – you’re born and then you die. Blunt, I know! But then there’s this massive space in-between called LIFE. And it’s for living. Are you living it to your full potential?

Agent Academy is a journey full of excitement, learning, networking, developing and making the most out of the skills you have and the skills you gain along the way. It’s this journey that has allowed us to speak to a whole range of different motivational people and companies. One of them being Pete Hawkins from the charity/business ‘Windmills.’

A personal development session with Peter was something that I never knew I needed. But on reflection, it was an amazing opportunity to have! It was great to sit down and really think, talk amongst the group and write down all the things that make us, us. Things that make us unique but qualities and passions that bring us together as a group and why we’re on this Agent Academy journey in the first place.

Activities throughout the afternoon really helped people align their values and focus on what matters most in their professional and personal lives and how we could perhaps intertwine them to create a perfect balance. Sometimes life is eventful and can definitely get the better of us, so it was great to have the time to sit back and reflect on the skills, values, traits and talents we all have and can offer them to employers and even ourselves in the future.

It’s our lives, it’s our destiny and we all have a golden ticket – we’re all Charlie’s living in a Willy Wonka world and we have to grab all the opportunities that come our way with both hands.

We all came out of the session with a much brighter perspective on our futures and what we can and will achieve, especially with Agent Academy by our sides!

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