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We’re more than halfway through Agent Academy now and it’s crazy to think how fast it’s gone.

I remember in Week 1 when Zoe and Ben told us that we had to come up with brief synopses about ourselves and our goals to act as introductions for when guest speakers came to visit. It was so scary because none of us knew what we wanted, we were all simply there to ‘gain experience’. We’ve gone from deer in the headlights to finally establishing what each of us wants from Agent Academy, our future careers and the next steps we’re taking to get there. Excitingly, some of the Academy have already been offered jobs, it’s great seeing that hard work is paying off!

This week, we continued to work on the client challenge for The Apprenticeship Hub by compiling our individual research for the step analysis, creating visual content for social media and establishing audience profiles to ensure we consider all potential needs and requirements for our event.

On Tuesday, we were visited by Rory from Conductor who gave an extremely useful and insightful workshop on content marketing and SEO. SEO is a skill that employers ALWAYS list on job descriptions but one that not many people possess, so it was fantastic to have had this masterclass delivered by someone who works solely on SEO and content marketing, and could answer all of our questions!

Rory’s visit was followed by a trip to The Royal Standard, an artist-led gallery, studio and social workspace, where Kate gave us an intricate guided tour. It’s always amazing to be surrounded by creativity in all its glory. We were inspired to never hold back when it comes to ideas and to always try to bring them to fruition. Creativity is being brave and outspoken – much like a lot of the pieces at the gallery.

Wednesday entailed another exciting visit from local video production company JackAll Productions! Kelly and James came to share the power of film and visual content for marketing. We heard about their work with local business to help boost their online presence and also about their large-scale projects like the NHS partnership with the Widnes Vikings. It was really inspiring to learn about how JackAll started, from a small team of young videographers to a successful company with an incredible reputation across the city.

That’s it, another week completed! I’d like to extend another massive thank you to all of the guests and local businesses who took the time to speak with us this week. It’s been a pleasure meeting and learning from you all.

Ahhh!! It’s now the final four weeks of Agent Academy, can’t wait to see what else is in store!

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