New e-learning platform helping thousands train for a new generation of digital jobs

Leap, a new e-learning platform is offering free training for people whose lives have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, helping them to gain new skills and move into digital and creative jobs.

Whilst recent figures show unemployment rates have fallen across the board, many people, especially those working in the hospitality and retail sectors, still face the risk of redundancy when the furlough scheme comes to an end in September. As a result, research by Totaljobs suggests that 70% of people are now more likely to consider working in a different sector.

Through industry designed courses, Leap offers learners the chance to gain the experience, insight and knowledge needed to change career and secure new long-lasting employment in some of the UK’s fastest growing industries. Leap gives learners a solid foundation in digital marketing, with short, flexible modules delivered entirely online via the interactive platform, eliminating any form of tuition fees or travel costs which can often deter people from taking on new skills.

Thousands have registered and are using the platform to develop skills. Learner Alex Simpkins, said of her experience:

“Leap has given me the confidence and knowledge to go after the career I wanted. I landed a new job as a content creator within weeks of completing my LEAP journey and I couldn’t be happier.”

Special features help users learn in an engaging and easy way, including AI-powered personalisation, quiz assessments, real-life brand challenges and a friendly chatbot to support learners along the way. Leap learning replicates real-life experience to improve users’ chances of employment. It provides a safe space for any person, regardless of previous experience or background, to feel empowered to take on a new career.

The platform has been created by full-service brand and communications agency Agent, and its sister social enterprise Agent Academy, an award-winning provider of industry designed and delivered learning programmes. Since 2014, Agent Academy’s practical approach to learning has helped young people step into the digital and creative industries, contributing to more than £15m of accumulative annual salaries.

Zoe Wallace, Director at Agent Academy, said:

“We urgently need to help workers who have been affected by redundancy, as well as those at risk of losing their jobs in the future, to develop the skills they’ll need to thrive. The digital and creative sectors offer a variety of new, exciting and future-proof career opportunities.

“Our programmes are developed alongside real businesses and industry leaders from across the UK, focusing on the skills those companies look for when hiring a modern workforce.”

To find out more about Leap, and to register for free courses, visit:

 About Leap

Leap is the free, industry-designed training course that helps learners make the jump into their dream digital job. It was designed by Agent Academy in 2020, as part of Nesta’s CareerTech Challenge and in partnership with the Department for Education’s National Retraining Scheme. The e-learning platform provides users with the skills they’ll need to start a career in marketing, focusing on the four most important areas of strategy, design, digital and campaigns. The programmes are developed with real businesses from across the UK, highlighting the skills they look for when hiring. Alongside this, Leap builds a skills portfolio to demonstrate and evidence the skills users have learnt, to help them make the next step in their career. The platform is completely free to use.



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