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The Dark Days

Flashback to August 2012, I was standing in front of The University of Liverpool with my recently achieved Undergraduate Degree in hand.  I was a mixture of proud,exhausted, and completely overwhelmed at the prospect of now finding my first ‘proper job’.  At this time, the UK economy was just starting to recover from the financial crash of 2008, with jobs difficult to come by and graduate jobs outside of London like actual gold dust.  As a first generation to University, I felt the pressure to achieve and ended up taking a job, which gave me Sunday blues and Monday morning dread.

It became increasingly difficult to reconcile the fact that I had invested 4 years (not to mention a shed load of money) and none of it was translating to a job I liked. Don’t get me wrong, I learnt a lot at University. I studied abroad, picked up a new language and made some friends for life.

I just wish I’d been told that University was about learning, and not necessarily about employment.

Oh, Hello Creativity.

It was during my first job that I discovered Marketing. I decided I wanted to know more and went on to gain my Level 6 CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing in 2014. For the next 5 years I went on, what can only be described as, a learning bender.

I’d officially fallen back in love with learning and set about getting as much experience as I could in different disciplines; from Agile Project Management, Digital Campaigning and Product Development to Branding, Content Creation and Learning Design. My most recent ventures are in Frontend Web Development and UX Design, so stay tuned!

Enter… Agent Academy.


I stumbled across Agent Academy when I was attending a training event being carried out by one of their amazing alumni, Katie May, and  saw that they were on the lookout for a new Programme Facilitator. The position brought together many of my interests; Marketing, Digital and Education. Applying was really a no-brainer. Thankfully I got the job and now I get to spend my time supporting others along their journey into the creative and digital sector (and playing with Leo, Head of Security.)

Looking to the Future.

Agent Academy is unique programme, as it bridges that gap between education and work. The 12-week programme (2 days per week) are for those who want to work in the creative and digital sector, but don’t have the direct skills or experience.

The difference? You’re not just leaning digital and creative skills, you’re applying them. Each programme takes you through the full spectrum of digital and creative disciplines from strategy and campaigning, to web optimisation and event planning, all whilst ensuring you apply your learning to a real-life challenge.

At the end of the programme you will have a solid skills foundation, evidence of your work, and a well-established networking with us, our Alumni and our sister company, Agent Marketing.

Over to You.

If you are a young person between the age of 18- 26 and want to know more about the programme, send me an email at rebecca@agentacademy.org.uk and we can arrange a coffee and a chat.  I might even bring Leo along with me…

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