Rebecca’s Top 3 Ted Talks


I love Ted Talks. As a compulsive learner, I am constantly on the lookout to discover something new. I have collated my current top three favourites. So, in no particular order, here we go…

 1)    Why Some of Us Don’t Have One True Calling – Emilie Wapnick (12:18)

This talk introduces us to the concept of a ‘multipotentiolite’. A what? A multipotentiolite is a term coined for people who have multiple passions and interests and who are good at them! When we are younger, we are often asked ‘what do you want to do when you grow up?’.  For the lucky few who know the answer, that’s great. For the rest of us, hmm, not so much.

Multipotentiolites have three main superpowers.

Idea synthesis: You can often be more creative as you merge disciplines or interests together in a way that has not been done before

Rapid learning: If there is one thing you are specialised in, its learning. Having multiple interests means you know what it like to be a beginner, because you’re constantly learning something new.

Adaptability: You are able to morph into what you need to be when you need to be it. This, in the world of work at least, makes you very valuable and employable.

I love this talk because I have lots of interests. Like, lots. For a long time, it was seen as a negative because I was considered to be ‘noncommittal’ or, well, just a bit unfocused. But now, especially working in the creative and digital industry, it is definitely seen as a strength. Being able to work in cross-functional team, take on hybrid-roles or learn a skill quickly to add value to a project means that I’m never bored and always working with a creative mindset.

If you’re a specialist at heart, be a specialist. If you’re a multipotentiate, be just that, and see what you can create.

2)    What I Learnt From 100 Days of Rejection – Jia Jiang. (15:24)

Ha, this one is fun

Jia Jiang talks about having a real fear of rejection and failure. He talks about how this held him back in his life to a point where he felt stuck. So, what did he do about it? He decided to go out of his way to ensure he was rejected for something for 100 days.

Talk about tackling a fear head on. He came to realise that failing and being rejected were not as scary as he previously thought. He even ended up doing some amazing things, just by putting himself in a position to ask.

Being rejected or failing builds resilience: A key skill to have, especially in the world of work.

Building resilience comes from experiencing failure and in order to experience failure, you have to not be afraid to fail!

If something goes wrong and, let’s face it, at some point it will, being able to learn something from it will ensure you’re building your own resilience and are more likely to keep trying.

When it comes down to it: Rejection and failure are not as bad as you might think.

1)    What is Imposter Syndrome and How can You Combat it? – Elizabeth Cox (4.19)

Ah, Imposter Syndrome, Hello again!

Imposter syndrome is the feeling of we are not good enough and feeling as though you are a bit of a fraud who can be called out at any moment.

It prevents people from doing many things, such as applying for that job, asking for that wage rise or being creative.

This short animation gives great tips on how we can identify when we are thinking these negative things and, importantly, how to combat them head on.

The next time you start to feel like you’re in the wrong place, or not good enough for some unknown reason, remember this: Albert Einstein once said he thought he was an involuntary swindler, whose work didn’t deserve as much attention as it received. 

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