Short, sweet, and creative: The key to a good CV?

CVs are the starting point for all job applications. They are the first thing your potential employer reads but could be the most unmemorable aspect of your application. Therefore, it’s essential to make them engaging and distinctive.

But how do you do this?

The key to making a good CV isn’t to bombard the employer with every reason or verifiable experience that would qualify you for the role, but to be selective and concise with the information you choose to present. Creating clear headlines with succinct bullet points summarising your employment, educational, and vocational history will highlight the relevant qualities your employer needs to know.

Most importantly, formatting this information along with your contact information, key competencies, and industry title, into a singular page will help keep the reader focused and engaged with your CV.

What other elements should I consider when constructing my CV?

One element that many applicants avoid is inserting a picture. Despite the anxiety, we all suffer from choosing a photograph that best represents us in a professional light. Including a photo in your resume allows the reader to recognise who they are reading about and makes your application more personable.

 In what way can I make my CV creative?

Producing a creative CV is not as difficult as you may think. Firstly, finding a template that best suits the structuring of your information onto one page is a must. Secondly, choosing subtle colours and using shapes to segregate the different sections of your CV creates a visually appealing background that captures the reader’s attention.

What application can I use to create this enhanced and more imaginative CV?

Canva is an excellent resource for creating CVs and is widely accessible. Sign up with your email address for a free account, then get started right away on choosing your template from an extensive range, before customising each aspect and inputting the relevant information. It’s pretty straightforward to use. However, I would advise playing around with the colour schemes and altering the positioning of each section to make your CV more unique.

Will this help improve my current CV?

Yes, employers are growing bored of the same Microsoft Word document with endless paragraphs and extensive lists. It’s imperative to get your most relevant experience and skills across clearly and concisely. Also, having a digital CV online means you can be adaptable and needn’t send the same document to each employer. Altering CVs to match each job role’s specification is becoming increasingly common and will improve the merit of your application.

I started my employment journey six years ago, and it’s only until very recently starting my time with Agent Academy, that I have learned how to upgrade my CV to have more of an impact on my job applications. Now, with fewer employer’s providing feedback on application’s, it’s vital to keep up with current trends and understand what makes you stand out from the crowd. CVs are a decisive element to gaining an employer’s attention, so keep them short, keep them sweet and be creative.

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