Small Fish In A BIG Pond..


Originally from East Sussex, I moved to Liverpool a year ago and I absolutely love it!

You may be wondering “why Liverpool? Why not a big city like London that is a lot closer to home?!”

Well, London is EXPENSIVE and I have family friends in Liverpool, so I was already visiting many times a year. I soon fell in love with the city and its people, and eventually decided to push myself out of my comfort zone and make the big move. 


You always feel apprehensive when joining a new company, it’s the fear of the unknown or thinking ‘what if I don’t fit in?’, but I can’t stress enough how welcoming everybody at Agent has been! 

In my previous role, I was lucky enough to work alongside Agent Academy on a really exciting project and thought it seemed like a fun and interesting company to work for. I loved their values and what they were doing to help young people kick-start their careers in the creative and digital industry. Fast forward to six months later and I have joined Agent Academy as Programme Coordinator, basically the one who wears many hats!

My background of working with young people, supporting them in apprenticeship opportunities and being responsible for recruitment and relationship management with clients, means I have a lot of transferrable skills to apply to my new role, alongside plenty of new responsibilities to get to grips with.  

I am only three weeks in to my journey at Agent Academy, and while there are many aspects of my new role that I love, I thought I would share with you my top five…


1. The Academy

#Academy11 kicked off the week that I joined the team, so it was all hands-on deck. Every single new cohort member has been lovely. They’re enthusiastic and keen to learn, and this experience of helping people achieve their goals is one of the main reasons I enjoy coming to work every day.  

2. The Office

The space that Agent has really is fantastic. It’s cool, it’s quirky and there are lots of different places you can go and to get your work done, whatever your mood. We’re encouraged not to be constantly pinned to our desks! Every time a visitor walks into the office, everybody will say hello, it’s a really warm and welcoming place and feels like one big family.


3. The Team

Not only my Agent Academy team mates, but the whole of Agent is FAB! From day one, I was made to feel welcome, everybody came and introduced themselves to me and the lovely George, office manager and EA to CEO, Paul, took me on a tour and showed me the ropes, whilst introducing me to each team and giving me an insight into everyone’s roles and how the agency works. 


You can really see that every team member is passionate about what they do. It’s great to see people bouncing ideas off of each other and working so collaboratively.


4. The Perks

There are some great perks about working at Agent (if I listed them all I’d be here forever) but here are a couple of highlights; every Tuesday we have ‘mindfulness’ training, this is a really great way to relax and get you ready to tackle the week ahead. 

This week I have also been lucky enough to enjoy a massage, a benefit which takes place once a month, every month, YES, A FREE MASSAGE… EVERY MONTH (not many places would offer this). What an amazing way to relax away from your desk and recharge for half an hour.


5. Head of Security, Leo the Poodle

Well, well, well, what can I say about Leo, he is a cheeky yet very loving dog and always gives our guests a warm welcome. A great memory I already have of Leo is when he stole a prawn sandwich from someone’s desk (imagine his breath the next morning!) however, you can’t resist him, he is just too lovable!

One for luck…

A shout out to Paul, Agent’s CEO. He is brilliant! He brings a great energy to the office and makes you feel comfortable. Not forgetting how hilarious he is, he has me in stitches most days! It’s great to see how passionate Paul is about his business and to learn how Agent started out. He really is inspiring.

I’m looking forward to getting to know the whole team better and most importantly, play my part in supporting the young people we work with to reach their potential! 



If you are a young person aged 18-26 and want to find out more about our programme, send me an email at and we can arrange an informal chat!

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