Social Enterprise Exchange

Today we welcomed some special guests and peers from Barcelona to the city, as part of a social enterprise exchange.

The aim of the exchange is to give all participants an understanding of how social enterprises work in both respected countries. All this learning will be put into practice as we’ll be developing new social enterprise ideas that will be rolled out in Barcelona.

So, to day 1 of the exchange…

We started our morning with the inspirational Dave Murray at The Glaciere of Liverpool, docked outside Tate Liverpool. Dave spoke about his life, his adventures and his fantastic social enterprise – all of which was amazing, inspiring, and at times, hilarious!

Later, we wandered through Liverpool and arrived in the Baltic Triangle, for our new friends to explore the regeneration happening in this area. We visited some familiar faces; Baltic Creative, Basecamp and of course, Agent HQ.

After introducing our guests to both Agent Marketing and Agent Academy CIC, we broke off into groups and discovered the team challenges that await Agents James, Tom, Sarah and Callum.

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