Strategic Strategy and Engaging Engagement!

Week 3

Our third week in the Academy started with a quick recap of the challenge we received from Annie O’Toole from Juxdit. We were put in groups to address specific areas of the challenge. In the afternoon, Agent’s managing director, Paul, gave an illuminating talk on his career path and the story behind Agent Marketing and Agent Academy. I’ve been sworn to secrecy regarding the contents of this talk but I’ll let you in on a little secret; it involves marketing.

Wednesday started with a bit more work on the Juxdit challenge, focusing on community engagement. With our comunals thoroughly engaged, we were given a topical aural treatment by Dr Simon Bowers. His talk on the digital evolution of the NHS, specifically the medicinal uses of VR, proved to be not only fascinating but also a rather effective retroactive justification for that VR set I bought. Later we presented our findings on strategy, community engagement and content making to Juxdit and spent the rest of the day analysing the STEP (Social/Technological/Economical/Political) factors for our main challenge.

Week 4 is set to focus on Creative side of the industry, exciting times!


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