That’s a (Research) Wrap


Already a month of the way into our role model campaign and we’ve started to wrap up our primary research.

On Tuesday, we visited the Prince’s Trust, which was a truly pivotal moment in our research. Speaking to partnership manager, Kim Thompson, and a young ambassador, we learned about the Trust’s six major programmes – their key training and support pathways to help young people who are unemployed or struggling with personal problems begin a new stage in the lives.

The charity works within the 11-30 age range and last year alone helped 58,000 young people into jobs, education and training!

A real highlight for all of us was listening to a young person’s journey of transformation. A moving, compelling and inspirational story– exactly the kind of real-life case study our marketing campaign is desperate to find out!

Speaking of our brief, on Wednesday we caught up with Lynnie Hinnigan at Local Solutions in Everton. She introduced three colleagues who explained the wide variety of support services they offer. For me, at least, this was a news flash. I didn’t realise Liverpool had such an expansive and dedicated charity sector, responsible for offering a range of mental health, educational and housing support.

There’s everything from a Bully Busters hotline to a Water Sports Centre in the Albert Dock! Lynnie’s own Supported Lodgings service brings troubled young adults into people’s homes for two years before they start on their own independent journey. The results speak for themselves: people who finish the programme have gone on to offer their own homes as safe places for young people. 

Finally, the end of the week took a surprising political turn. We headed down to the Town Hall to observe the Liverpool Schools Parliament ask questions to six metro mayoral candidates. It was uplifting to listen to young people ask thoughtful questions about what really matters to them. Further proof, if any was needed, that Liverpool’s youth are talented, interested and genuinely involved in the city’s future.

So, how did all this feed back into own work? This week we’ve constantly been thinking about our core messages; how to convey our message – success is everywhere and open to everyone – directly and powerfully. Listening to both organisations and young people has given us the quality first-hand insight we needed.

We also started profiling our target audience – their likes, interests, needs – and thinking about what fixed attitudes about young people we want to transform through our campaign.

The next stage is the hard-creative graft. What will the visuals look like? How best to bring together the vibrant soul of the city with our individual role models? How will we manufacture our video content on a budget?

Answers due in the coming weeks….

By Ashley McGovern

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