The Creative Quarter

The Baltic Triangle is home to some of the best creative and digital businesses in Liverpool. Its unique ability to go from a career driven environment in the weekdays to a lively zestful location on the weekends is truly unlike anything else, and the fact it’s in the heart of Liverpool is even better.

The afternoon of day 2 here at Agent Academy entailed of meeting Alison, the Marketing and Events Officer at Baltic Creative. The passion she has for her job is truly inspiring and we were all hanging off every word she said when explaining how she got to where she is today.

After a quick chat and hearing the story of how the District & Baltic Creative Director, Jayne Casey (who is an ICONIC woman who I need to meet) joined forces with other visionaries to stop creative and digital businesses being forced out by developers, we took a whistle-stop tour around the Baltic Triangle area and visited some of Baltic Creative’s properties. Seeing businesses popping up everywhere around Liverpool gives me hope that I can stay here and find amazing employment, rather than having to travel down south to London.

Just over the road from Baltic Creative’s spaces is the Cain’s Brewery Village, which has started to really flourish over the past year (I’ve got first-hand experience of battling my way through herds of crowds when walking home from work on a Saturday afternoon). I enjoyed the quietness of a sunny Wednesday afternoon wondering around the innovative businesses within the village. From vintage shops and makeup studios to quirky food and drink stalls, it has something for everyone.

This creative quarter of Liverpool City Centre filled with inventive and passionate people/businesses will not stay *quiet* for very long, which makes me a little sad but it will be nice to see outsiders experiencing Liverpool for the creative and vibrant city that it is.

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