Glass ceilings are meant to be shattered

Throughout my journey in education, I never truly realised what feminism was until I got to an older age. As time went on, I realised that everything was to satisfy the male gaze and suddenly everything around me seemed to be empowering and satisfying men more than women. It took me a while to educate myself on feminism and it was a long process of finding out truths about things I’d never really noticed before. For example, in some countries men are paid 9% higher than women in the same job role. It shocked me to know this was happening in the modern world and that some companies have such an outdated approach in their workplace.

I’ve been interested in the creative sector for so long, and have always found myself being more inspired and uplifted after speaking to women, especially if they were in these creative roles that I’d always desired to find a career in. I think as young girls, it’s so beneficial to have influential women to look up to and be introduced to true sisterhood and empowerment.

Throughout past job roles, I found that it was always men leading the discussion on future careers, predominantly from a high-powered male perspective, expecting us to take inspiration from that. I fully believe in equality and love hearing from inspiring men as well, but despite us living in 2021, I still feel as though we’re so far from true equality, as women continue to be consistently underrepresented in most sectors. How can young girls dream big in an industry that they can’t see themselves in?

Agent academy is the first organisation I’ve been a part of (yes, the first) that has celebrated women and their successes. A massive part of enjoying my time on the programme has definitely been as a result of meeting with incredible women from across Liverpool. It’s great that as a team, we’ve celebrated their careers and been given the opportunity to be taught amazing things by these women week after week.

Hearing from these women have a massive impact on me and above all else, makes me believe in myself a little more. I think it’s really refreshing to hear from women working in different sectors and I love being given an insight into their journey of how they’ve got to where they are now. It gives me the push each week to keep going and to achieve my dream career in the creative sector in Liverpool – something for years I didn’t think I would ever achieve.

Being a part of Agent Academy is helping me get closer to that dream of mine and I couldn’t be more grateful to Agent Academy for providing such a diverse and equal approach to everything. It’s been such an uplifting and inspirational environment to be part of and I feel so lucky to have been able to find such a genuine place to gain amazing skills for my future career.


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