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Week 6 of 12 at Agent; it’s fair to say that crossing the half-way mark has left us wondering where all the time is going!

Focussing on Targets and Messaging, our week began with a visit from the communications manager of the Health Equalities Group, Matthew Donnelly.  Delivering health interventions through social marketing campaigns, the Health Equalities Group strives to improve the physical wellbeing of Liverpool communities.  Matthew has worked on a number of high profile projects, such as the “Give Up Loving Pop” campaign, and succeeded admirably in putting us off fizzy drinks when he explained that having a can of cola a day for a year leads to an extra stone in weight!  Drawing upon his marketing experience, we took from Matthew some very useful advice on holding focus groups to inform our own challenge.

The afternoon was spent with Anne Pennington from Knowsley Council’s public health and wellbeing office.  Anne described her line of work as Health Promotion, a more educative form of social marketing, and is currently involved with Sports England in the This Girl Can Campaign.  She provided us with some very technical tips on segmenting the information gained from focus groups to recognise key trends.

Day two was a great opportunity to turn theory into practice.  Separating the Academy team into groups, we set off to Knowlsey to conduct our own focus groups with various organisations that provide important services for the community.  Exercising what we had learned, each group was able to extract some very good information that we can take forward into the coming weeks.

Continuing our strategic research, we spent the afternoon encouraging members of the Knowsley public to fill out our questionnaires. Their response was impressive, and owed much to us bribing them with packets of sweets and the weather holding out!  Reporting back to base, the team felt tired but content after a highly productive two days’ work.

Week 7 is all about getting creative with our campaign!  We can’t wait.


By Will Horsnell

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