Programme 6

September brought a new start to Agent Academy, with 10 fresh faces (myself included) entering the fray. I’d like to congratulate all the other candidates for making it onto the course; as a Philosophy graduate with little to contemplate but a life of retail, this day couldn’t come soon enough.

Day 1 kicked things off with a bit of team bonding. Following some unconventional introductions, we were set a series of tasks in random teams of three. My favourite of these contained a collection of statements (i.e. ‘Inheritance Tax is bad.’) and a series of columns marked ‘Agree’, ‘Disagree’, ‘Undecided’ or ‘No Decision.’ In our teams of three, we were made collective decisions on which column each statement belonged to. The exercise encouraged compromise, understanding, and cohesion, but more importantly, gave me a fuller picture of who I would be spending my next 12 weeks with. 

I was relieved to know that none of my teammates wanted to bring back corporal punishment.  

The second half of the day was spent with Chris from Baltic Creative – a company largely responsible for the creative development of the Baltic Triangle.  We discussed the growth that the Baltic area has enjoyed since the company’s inception, and were shown plans for its future vision. 

In my first year of university, I remember stumbling out of Constellations in a rainy Baltic Triangle, looking around at the dark warehoused streets and thinking; ‘where the hell am I?’ Within my 5 years of living in Liverpool, I have seen first-hand the growth of this area, which is now one of the most colourful and vibrant in the city. 

A job well done by Chris and the Baltic Creative team.

On day 2, our 12-week project brief was revealed. Anthony Sturgess – Director of Corporate Development at John Moores University – came into Agent for a briefing and discussion. It was clear to see Anthony’s enthusiasm for the project, and it’s exciting to be involved with someone who is so passionate about positively changing the prospects of young people and the nature of education.

It’s been good to finally get going, to meet the group, to meet the company, and to spend some time away from the shop floor!

Things we have learned:

“If it isn’t shared on social media, did it ever really happen at all?” – (this resonates deeply with my philosophical dispositions.)

The 7 P’s: Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Process, Pigeons… (?)

Disney is very much a good thing.

With special thanks to programme funders European Social Fund and Skills Funding Agency.  

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