How to make the most out of LinkedIn

LinkedIn: the social networking platform of the professional world. You can connect with people, learn more about companies that interest you, and even find jobs. It’s the perfect tool for young people taking their first steps into the professional world. So, what are the tricks to being successful?

Make connections

Everybody you meet is a potential connection to your ideal career or role. Whether it’s past tutors, guest speakers or the person you did a workshop with that one time, you should be inviting them all to connect and keeping these relationships up to date through your content.

Engage with your network

If people are using the platform correctly, career updates and professional moments of inspiration should be the majority of your feed. If something interests you, interact with it! Let people know that you enjoyed their blog on a particular topic, or congratulate them on their new role.

Know what to post

My best advice for LinkedIn posts is to imagine you’re updating your family on your work life. Post about a successful project you’ve finished, a podcast that’s motivated you, another company’s campaign that you think is really creative. Keep your photos professional and keep your posts positive.

Stand out

Only ⅓ of LinkedIn users actually post. By making use of your profile, you’re showing employers and your network that you’re switched on and have something to say.

Stay in the know

Keep an eye on what’s trending. If there’s a TikTok trend you love, or some business news that piques your interest, posting about it and starting a conversation tells your network that you’re not just professional but you’re interesting! I love to ask people their opinions on current news.

Get the app

This is the key to staying active, I think. If I’ve got five minutes, I scroll through my feed and see if there’s anything new happening in the digital world. With new reaction emojis and plenty of characters to comment, it’s easier than ever to interact with your network (and beyond)!

Using LinkedIn seemed so daunting at first, but after getting to grips with it I feel more confident than ever. It’s not only a great place to meet others but it’s a great place for them to meet YOU! By staying active on LinkedIn and establishing yourself as a professional online, you’re opening yourself up to new and exciting opportunities. Make the most of it!



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