Mission, vision and values

During week 4 we learnt about the importance of mission, vision and values in business and marketing.

Our week began with a visit to Can Cook Studio’s.  Can Cook is a social enterprise aimed at alleviating the current burden and rise of food poverty in the UK.  Robbie Davison, founding director, explained that 60% of the population have no or little culinary ability.  Can Cook have taught over 14,000 people to cook to date. Robbie told us how Can Cook had always evolved in line with its core mission which is to alleviate food poverty. Some fun was had with an inter-group competition, giving us the opportunity to exercise our marketing muscles. And a big, THANK YOU, is in order for the food Can Cook prepared for us. It was delicious!

The afternoon was spent at First Ark. After introductions from Tony Cahill, executive director of business service and development; we had an engaging presentation from Christine Mottershead, group commercial director. We learnt about how mission, vision and values can be used to direct and shape attitudes at all levels in an organisation.

From both speakers it was really interesting to see how mission, vision and values can impact on both internal and external activities of a company.

Day two was also jam packed with brilliant speakers. The morning was spent at Liverpool Women’s Hospital with Kathryn Wright, head of communication and marketing, and Vivien Smith, head of staff engagement. We learnt how an in-house marketing team within the health sector operates with public relations playing a pivotal part.

The afternoon was spent with Rachel Scott, head of marketing, at Knowsley Hall Estate. Rachel shared insight into how she had redefined the mission, vision and values alongside the team at Knowsley Safari Park and how this has shaped the culture within the organisation. Rachel also told us how her career had progressed since she left university; it was inspiring to hear especially as we embark on our own careers.

Importantly, our group challenge is continuing to move forward, and with next week focusing on target markets and messaging we are looking forward to seeing how this is incorporated this into our project.

Let’s go week 5!

By Khaleel Freeman – Agent Academy

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