Raising our marketing game

At Agent Academy week 5 flew by faster than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Working at a high level and pushing forward with our challenge we defined our Mission, Vision and Values.    This process raised many questions as we began to truly understand the purpose of our marketing challenge and also identify valuable stakeholders which would be important to connect with. An afternoon was dedicated to drawing out of our stakeholder map four key groups and developing and planning our research around these.

We visited Launch 22 in the commercial district of the city where we listened to an inspiring talk from Robyn Dooley, managing director of Innovators Hub. Innovators Hub offers the brilliant solution to young creatives looking for work and companies who would benefit from fresh talent.  We learnt a lot from Robyn about her story and how she has developed her business through building relationships. This was extremely beneficial to the group as collaboration is embedded into our challenge.

Emily Karatay, director of New Collective joined us at Agent HQ to share the wealth of experience she has developed as a young entrepreneur.  New Collective is a start-up business which enables corporations to collaborate and learn from young people. Emily’s also helped to establish ‘have your say’ with KHT; a successful customer insight group which has generated staggering social value since its conception. We learnt the importance of choosing relevant content and language and that if we are to be successful we have to be highly creative in our approach.

Our captivating and productive week means we are all excited for next week when we are doing our face to face research sessions.


by Leah Kelly, Agent Academy

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