The Start of Strategy

In the third week of our Agent Academy experience, Academy 7 began the strategy part of The Apprenticeship Hub client challenge and Everyman mini-challenge.

We began with Everyman’s mini-challenge. After seeing three plays, courtesy of the Everyman theatre, we started our research for the promotion of their upcoming play ‘The Big I Am’. How do we appeal to an audience who are receptive, confident and who value community? Our answers ranged from provocative at least, to full-on Love Island at most. Ben and Zoe had the idea to split our loving group into The Apprentice-style teams to compete against each other to sell tickets. Whether any of us will be speaking by the time ‘The Big I Am’ premieres remains to be seen.

When it came to the Apprenticeship Hub challenge, Academy 7 had to behave like real “marketers”, analysing quantitative data and spotting trends to come up with questions for our upcoming focus groups. For those of us who had dismissed the research and strategy side of marketing as not creative or interesting enough (me), we were proven wrong. We ended up not only analysing the data but every facet of society linked to it as well. Our personal education and career paths were torn apart and rebuilt when we went on the hunt for accessible apprenticeship opportunities in the Liverpool city region, gathering ammunition for our argument at the skills show as to why apprenticeships are equally as viable an option as university.

To conclude week three, we ended our Wednesday afternoon with a talk from Agent Marketing’s Managing Director and Agent Academy’s Founding Director, Paul Corcoran. The way Paul shared his story and spoke candidly about his experience definitely made us feel more a part of the Agent Marketing family. All of us have spent the first few weeks bemoaning the fact that our transition into the world of work has not gone smoothly, but hearing the obstacles that Paul faced throughout his career definitely reminded us that the path to success runs uphill and that where we are today is part of the process, not our end point.

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